One cannot really do justice to the entire anthology in so little space, but here is a summary of the contents. Bahha Amzian Et Aziza Atlas – 3awni 3awnghak. Ali Ssamid – Khab Danni. Anthologie de la Musique Marocaine. Lil Eytch – Everyday.

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Rkia Azrou – Ata Mayrikh. The performers, related to the bardic tradition of the imdyazn, accompany their singing with the lotar a plucked, four-stringed lute with a pear-shaped resonator covered with goat-skin. Khalid – Vertigo. Aydoun—a musicologist, composer and, at the time of these recordings, the head of the music division at the Ministry of Culture—is well-versed abderrrahim a wide range of Moroccan musics. Traditionally utilized to entertain the archers during their hunting trips, the music of the aâbidat rma is characteristic of Central Morocco Khouribga, Oued Zem and Ourdigha where it is performed during life-cycle ceremonies. These five recordings present the songs and dances that accompany the rituals of different Muslim mystical religious associations tariqât found throughout Morocco.

Chaba Nina Dubai – Ana 3liya Da3wa.

Abderrahim Bana

Les accents Africains Jamel Abna Club. Parce que si on ne le faisait pas on risquerait donc de passer toute la journée, même toute la semaine, à chercher un compromis que ne vient pas …. The repertoire of the Northeast region of Morocco, represented in this recording by Chikh Younsi and Chikh Liou, is largely based on songs performed by a male vocalist abderrahim by a group of men playing qasba and agwal.

abderrahim bana

If this collection is not perfect, however, it is nonetheless a noble effort. The style, specific to the cities of Rabat and Oujda, was brought to Morocco by Algerians from Abdedrahim and Algiers, fleeing French colonial rule. Unfortunately, this highly suggestive music loses most of its interest in these studio recordings. This approach has unfortunately not always resulted in high-quality sound, but it has inevitably affected the musical significance of the anthology.


The booklets that accompany each volume unfortunately provide only a sketchy description of the music, very little or nothing about the artists, and no information on individual tracks. Although the Gnawa belief system is heavily influenced by Sub-Saharan religious practice, the musicians and devotees are all practicing Muslims abderraim their songs contain many invocations to recognized Muslim saints. Moul zaouia Chants des Jbala.

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The audible absence of a musical development, of a crescendo that constitutes a central aspect of most of the genres present in the anthology, may be directly connected with the way in which the recordings were carried out. The transliterated Arabic titles are often incomplete and may also include typographical errors. The Moroccan government has now issued more than CDs, but there remain well-established traditions that the Ministry of Culture has yet to anthologize, from the ahwash of the High Atlas to the innovative revivalist music of groups like Nass el Ghiwane.

Chants du Rif Sellam Mounes [ In addition to this, there are also discrepancies between the titles listed in the booklets and those on the backs of the CDs, and with the sequence of the CDs themselves for example, Hajib is listed as CD 5 of volume I while it is actually CD 6.

Perhaps next time the Ministry will draw on the enormous expertise of Moroccan scholars, journalists, performers and aficionados to produce descriptive and analytical notes worthy of the beauty and complexity of the music. Madd – Black.

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Zako – Fast Life. George Wassouf Ba3id 3anak. Abdefrahim music of the gnawa —characterized by the low percussive sound of the guinbri or hajhûi large three-stringed plucked lute with a rectangular-shape resonator and the qaraqeb —has evident connections with Sub-Sahara Africa, most notably in the call-and-response pattern of singing, pentatonic melodies and interlocking rhythmic patterns, and the sliding leather tuning rings and metal sound modifier of the guinbri.


abderrahim bana

Daqqa is particularly associated with the cities of Marrakech and Taroudant. Banat Aichata et Abba Ould Badou [ The reasons for this are numerous. Saif Abd Aljabaar – Ya Rohe. Ali Ssamid – Khab Danni.

Abderrahim Bana Da9a mrrakch

Hussein El Deek – Kelme Aatini. We tell them to sing other things, to abderrahim us other examples and then we make the choice.

Abdou Ben Tayeb – Andah Ayachifar. Mohamed Boudrous CD 2 and Sellam Mounes CD 3 respectively represent the old and the new music traditions of the Rif, a mountain region in the north of Morocco that is largely populated by the Tarifit-speaking Berbers. Tflow – Thank You. Medine Ft Massoud – Papeti.

abderrahim bana

Specifically, the music, once taken out of its normal context, often fails to reach the intensity that it customarily generates in live performance.

Anthologie de la Musique Marocaine. Dizzy Dros – Moutanabbi. Daqqa mp3 file The Gnawa —whose ancestors came from Sub-Saharan Africa to Morocco as merchants, mercenaries, or, principally, slaves—traditionally perform in all-night ceremonies abdegrahim in order to secure peace of mind and heal their followers.

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